The United States is A British Colony-part 1-The Millennium report.

I believe this to be an updated or modern copy of something i have on paper somewhere from before the time of the internet being what it is today.

To those who have never gone down the rabbit holes of history, which organized religion, the State, and polite society discourage going down, this may sound like compete fantasy.

It is not. If all one knows of science, history, spirituality, is what they learned from government schools, government supplemented religions and churches, one is very ignorant.

But an ignorance coupled with arrogance and false pride.

You have to admit you have been had, lied to, your labor stolen by crooks, you and your children used for cannon fodder in Empire wars. Otherwise you can not understand the truth.

In the bible, there is a much misunderstood saying.

Says, “It is harder for a rich man to enter heaven, than a camel to go through the eye of a needle. People envision a camel trying to go through the eye of a sewing needle and say, then it is impossible for a rich man to go to heaven. See! Ignorance.

There was a gate in the wall of the city, called the Eye of the Needle. Man could walk through, no problem. It was not high enough for a camel to walk through. A camel could go through, but had to get on it’s knees to get through.

In other words, to make it to truth, honor, knowledge, understanding, one has to humble themselves, admit their failings, ignorance. once one has thrown off the lie, the truth can come to you.

The lie and the truth can not exit in the same place.

John C Carleton

The United States Is Still A British Colony – Part 1

2 thoughts on “The United States is A British Colony-part 1-The Millennium report.

  1. Lewie Paine says:

    Excellent post! It should give the critically-minded food for thought.

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