Trump Administration Proposes Largest Oil and Gas Sale in U.S. History

Been telling anyone who will listen, USA/Washington DC is a Crime Cabal, which is occupying the 48 north American States, one Republic, and the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The only waterfront property the USA/Washington DC/District of Columbia has, is the Potomac River.

What is happening, is as the occupier by force, of these sovereign States, being held under military occupation, by the District of Columbia/USA, the USA, is stealing from the people of these sovereign states, the oil and gas wealth, which should be used ONLY for the people of these states, and for State projects.

Therefore, Uncle Sugars pedophile ass is not only a rapist, murder, war criminal, liar, degenerate scum sucking ass hole, Uncle Sugar is a HUGE thief.

Uncle Sugar is pissing away the wealth of the States, fighting wars for Israhell, another crime cabal which is blackmailing the members of the USA crime cabal, by possessing the videos of the Washington DC pedophile criminals perversions, and giving them bribes out of the American peoples labor, stolen from them by implied force, by the crime cabal in DC, and transferred to the crime cabal in Palestine.

The American sheep enable the murdering degenerate pedophiles of DC to keep fking America over for the benefit of the pedophiles occupying Palestine.

Thats one reason i despise the American sheep.

Sooner the great sheep BBQ happens, sooner the world can start to rebuild, a decent world for humanity

And i still am reserving a goat to sacrifice on my Texas BBQ pit, for when someone drops the big one on Tel Aviv. Got another goat reserved for when their bitch takes the big one up their pedophilic ass.

John C Carleton

Trump Administration Proposes Largest Oil and Gas Lease Sale in U.S. History

One thought on “Trump Administration Proposes Largest Oil and Gas Sale in U.S. History


    Damn John, I share the same exact feelings. I’ve had them for far too long and openly wish Pudgy Kim would drop a nuke square on DC ‘s pedophile, raping murdering ass while every last AIPAC scum sucking bitch in DC was sitting in their cozy little offices. While he’s at ot, drop another nuke on JUSA’s true capital, Hell Aviv. I’d love to sit with you for a weekend over a few cold ones. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!

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