If You Want to Understand the Next Ten Years, Study Spain-Liberty Blitzkrieg

As a Texan, who’s Republic, has been occupied for 152 years, am ready to shake off the evil of Washington DC, and try to clean up the shit hole USA has made of Texas. Now, most Texans, even real texans who’s ancestors tamed the land, so ball-less people could then come and tell real Texans how they should do everything, do not understand that they are occupied. Therefore easier to talk secession with them.

Am personally satisfied theres no stopping whats coming, and believe now, the sooner the better.

However, know Texans are not ready yet, so am not preaching it, trying to convince people. The people have to ready themselves. When it is time, they will. Can lead a horse to water, can not make him drink, until he wants to. Same with the sheep. They will not be ready until they are ready. In the mean time, there will be plenty to keep every one hopping.

John C Carleton.

If You Want to Understand the Next 10 Years, Study Spain

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