2000 Year-Old Lead Tablets Speak of Jesus-Osho News

These have been around for a while. AT first the usual religious “experts” condemned them as fake. Not in this article, but another source, seems as if the copper sheets might have been faked, but the lead tablets have been authenticated as being made of lead from that time period, that lead could not be made today with the same composition, because of lack of radiation in the lead tablets.

I am sure there was a Jesus. Am just as sure there is very little in the bible which resembles, or tells the true story of Jesus.

As Jesus did not come to found an new religion, Christianity based on Jesus as a blood sacrifice, the son of a Male God, disagrees with the evidence of the tablets, which remember, is older than the writings the bible are based on. Closer to the time of Jesus. Closer to the bone.

Organized religion is used to herd the sheep for the benefit of governments.

Don’t be a sheep.

John C Carleton

2000 Year-Old Lead Tablets Speak of Jesus

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