Iraq Rejects US demands to expel Iranian military advisors from the country-The Duran

Want to talk about huge brass balls.

USA, a criminal for profit International Corporation, incorporated under British Empire Law, against all international law, common honor and decency, illegally attacked, occupied, destroyed Iraq, and raped/murdered perhaps a million or more innocent souls.

It is well know to the Iraqi government, that the USA intends to steal some of Iraq for the little crime cabal, (British Empire out post in the middle East), occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people.

It is well known to the Iraqi government and people, USA inc, is running ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

Now Iran comes along, starts helping Syria and Iraq to defend themselves from the Evil of Israhell and Washington DC.

So the Evil Empire, USA inc., demanded that the Iraqi people kick out the people who are helping the Iraqi people defend themselves and country from the Evil of Israhell, USA inc.

The Iraqi people, told the two pedophilic crime cabals to go pound sand.

Wise decision.

This is how Empires die.

John C Carleton

Iraq REJECTS US demands to expel Iranian military advisers from the country

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