A soft Landing in the Middle East-The Unz Review

My family line seems to stay as far away from the seats as power as possible.

Am not an insider, so i can not give you numbers and names, but there are those in Washington who realize that to save America, the Empire, (USA inc.) must die.

Don’t think they are freedom fighters, just realize that like Rome in the end, trying to keep the Empire afloat, caused Rome to be sacked, if the USA inc Empire is not killed off, Washington DC will be. These people do not want Washington DC to become a land fill. They want to rule Washington DC. Their thinking is, Ruling Washington DC and the occupied States, is better than ruling a land fill.

America, will not be a good place to live, raise families, until Americans are worth a shit. At the present time, most Americans would leave the world a better place if the all got raptured to that war zionist god heaven all the Christian zionist droll over.

John C Carleton


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