Iraq Rejects US demands to expel Iranian military advisors from the country-The Duran

Want to talk about huge brass balls. USA, a criminal for profit International Corporation, incorporated under British Empire Law, against all international law, common honor and decency, illegally attacked, occupied, destroyed Iraq, and raped/murdered perhaps a million or more innocent souls. It is well know to the Iraqi government, that the USA intends to steal […]

Bombshell: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years…researchers stunned-Natural News

My immune system is fried because the US government, used myself, and at least 350,000 GIs as lab rats, tested an untested Anthrax vaccine, with squalene oil as an adjuvant. After they knew the Squalene oil had given us what they now call Gulf War Illness, they not only continue to lie about doing it, […]