Like Buzzards in a Holding Pattern over a Dying Beast

The Usury bankers, have taken a country, which could have been great, made it a third world shit hole.

If the wealth of North America, 48 states and 1 Republic, had been used to build the land up, manufacturing up, done it without polluting the water, sky and land, it would be a great country, a great place to live now. There would be jobs, the elderly could stay home as they used to, be taken care of by families, as one person would still be able to work a good job, and provide for their family.

As it is now, everyone has to be on welfare, or everyone in the family has to be working at bad jobs, for little pay, because the damn bankers are sealing the labor of Americans.

The Usury sons of bitches, have stolen about everything of value in this country, including the futures of the children, the ones they do not rape, murder and eat in satanic rituals.

In this they are aided by the thirty shekel whores who ply their trade in the halls of “government” in Washington DC.

The Usury Bankers, know the Beast they Built is dying. The Evil Empire, built with murder, lies, deceit, bribes, violence, and the stolen labor of the American people, is on it’s last legs. They operate the Beast, they know it its dying.

Now if one is a bloodsucking piece of shit, say like Usury bankers, there are fortunes to be made out of the death of Empires. Especially when one knows the time frame of the death, before it happens.

The Usury scum bankers, are circling like buzzards, to finish picking the bones of the Evil Empire, and the American people.

I find that i too, am circling, waiting for the death of the Evil Empire. For thousands out there, who have fought each and every day, for years, against the evil, they have said everything that could be said to wake the sheep. They have done everything they could to wake the sheep. There is nothing more to do, until the great sheep BBQ.

Now personally, i figure when the Beast dies, and the buzzards lite to pick the bones, Americans need to get rid of the buzzards as well. Already going to be a lot of stink from dead sheep, stink of a few more buzzards not going to matter a whole lot at that point.

Then after the Beast stops stinking, got rid of a hell of lot sheep who were keeping the awake from building a better place for humans, those blood sucking scum Usury buzzards, the awake can stop circling, lite, and start rebuilding.

If you are an old fart like me, you will see the beginnings of a new age, a new world so to speak, but it will take generations to shake it all out, see what works and what does not, of new ideas. Already know what was tried is a failure, not to be repeated.

But until the Beast dies, and the great sheep BBQ starts, just got to keep circling, up wind to the sheep and buzzards.

John C Carleton

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