To Get Hurricane Rebuilding Money in Texas, Contractors Must Promise, They won’t Boycott Israel-The Intercept

I been telling everyone, USA/Washington DC is controlled by that little crime cabal, (British Empire Outpost, in the middle East), occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people, so the can not reclaim their stolen land, all of it.

Been telling everyone, that the fifty “State” “governments”, are nothing more than occupation sub corporations of the main DC corporation, which is now controlled, again, by Israhell and Nitwityahoo.

Don’t see how much more proof one would want or need, unless they are a zionist troll or an American Head up Assus sheep.

Fair trials and fair hangings for collaborators.

Freedom from oppression for the living souls, living on the face of the land, both Texas and any other souls living on the face of the land, in the other 49 occupied states.

John C Carleton

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