During the First War for American freedom, there was the Redcoats, who were the British Military. There was the Fledgeling American Military.

Then you had the civilian troops, the militia, if you will.

On the British side, they were called Tories. The Tories, were the Loyalist to the British, or established government. One did not have to fight to be a Tory, just being an everyday citizen, doing business with, collaborating with, supporting in your politics of, the established power structure, which was Britain.

On the American side, they were called American, or State Militia.

I told a friend a family story on the subject, and he in turn told me a story he had read.

Back about the time most Revolution War solders were about all dead from age, a town was going to have a celebration of the War. Someone said, theres an old man lives up in the hills, he was a Revolutionary war soldier. So they sent people to ask him to come down, be the guest of honor at the event.

At the event, people started to ask him questions about the battles.

They asked him about one, and he said, yeah we lost that one.

The people said , no, we won that one.

Another battle, Yeah, we won that one.

People said, no, we lost that one.

They decided to straighten him out, his memory obviously suffering, of the battles the Americans had won and lost.

He replied, hell, I was a Tory!

Now, my families story.

My ggg grandfather Carleton, served three years, with the Virginia State troops, Under George Washington. Wounded ninth chest with a musket ball at the battle of Brandy wine, spent the winter at Valley Forge. After he was discharged he also saved with the N.C. Militia.

When he entered service, his mother and brother Thomas, were living on the family farm in Virginia. His other two brothers already having left for military service with the American troops.

When he got discharged, he walked back to the family farm, to find that his mother and brother, had sold out and relocated to N.C.

He starts walking to the new farm.

On the way, he comes across an American Col., who has a bunch of Tory prisoners captured at a recent battle. My ggg grandfather looks at them, and sees his brother Thomas in the bunch.
He showed his discharge from the American Army to the Col.-
told him he would keep his brother out of further battles if he let him take him home.

The Col. did not know what to do with all these people, so he agreed.

Some where along the line, Thomas stopped saying he was a tory, and just said he was a revolutionary war soldier, and in 1923, his descendants, were admitted to the Sons Of The American Revolution.

Second American war for freedom, was the so called Civil War.

Third one coming.

Are you going to be on the side of freedom, or an egg sucking, child abusing, cowardly, scum bag Loyalist to the established power structure, no mater how evil it is.

People who try to straddle the fence too long, usually end up with a foreign object up their rearward orifice.

John C Carleton

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