During the First War for American freedom, there was the Redcoats, who were the British Military. There was the Fledgeling American Military. Then you had the civilian troops, the militia, if you will. On the British side, they were called Tories. The Tories, were the Loyalist to the British, or established government. One did not […]

Texas City Tells People No Hurricane Harvey Aid Unless They Promise Not To Boycott Israel-Globail Research

This is called bald faced zionism, and prostitution by the collaborators in Austin who are Israhell’s bitches. Zionism is a virus, when children are infected with it, they grow up with it eating away at the part of the soul, which has empathy. honor, goodness, self examination, truth, and understanding. The people, who support that […]

To Get Hurricane Rebuilding Money in Texas, Contractors Must Promise, They won’t Boycott Israel-The Intercept

I been telling everyone, USA/Washington DC is controlled by that little crime cabal, (British Empire Outpost, in the middle East), occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people, so the can not reclaim their stolen land, all of it. Been telling everyone, that the fifty “State” “governments”, are nothing more than occupation sub corporations of the […]