Myths Vs Facts-A good Video On the Battle of the Alamo

Any official history is bull shit.

As a Texan, i grew up proud to be a Texan. As an old fart, i still am!

As i stated in a video, if one finds themselves in Texas, finds they don’t like the way Texans do things, there are roads going North, and there are roads going South, and they rent U Hauls damn near anywhere in Texas. See You!

On the other hand, passed down from my fathers male line, “It takes a thousand props to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone”.

Truth always works better.

Not all of history heroes were what we would call today, good men. They were often violate, vindictive, many with personal failings.

But on the day that mattered, they looked death in the face and died as heroes. All men, (and women), have feet of clay. Bible thumpers will paint an impossible for most humans to achieve rules. But for the most part, those making the rules, can not live up to their own rules.

SO any hero out there screwed up many times before They achieved the feat which would secure their place in history.

Hope you enjoy the video.

John C Carleton

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