Monday’s View of Life From My Corner of Texas on the Local Governments.

Morning chores done. Have to go get some hay for the horses and goats in a bit. One of my dog friends has a cold or allergy. Cold front blew in, (down to 69% f), probably something on the breeze.

Wife busy with a new project, making pendants with our photos in them. Had me copy some originals so she could cut the heads out for the pendants. Noticed she picked ones when we were young farts.

Need to finish loading a pick up with scrap metal, cleaning up. Need the truck empty because with cooler weather finally getting here, got several goats need to stop eating and be eaten.

And the puta gang at city hall, mayor Pendehoberg and his merry band of hairless chihuahua’s on the “city council”, are still Nest Thieves, ungrateful political putas, and un-honorable bloodsucking parasites.

Situation normal.

I once set up a web site, going to fight corruption in city hall and the city police department. After researching both, i never put the site on line. After reading report after report, study after study done on the city government and police department, seeing personally the corruption/criminal activities rampant in the school district administrations and board members, i decided if one wanted to get rid of the evil and corruption, in the county, city governments, to include every government type sub organization, one would need to do the following.

Call a mandatory meeting of all administration, key department personal in all forms of government, county on down.

Call in a large venue which is well secluded from anything but open pastures.
Call in a wing of B-52’s for a carpet bombing run over the area of the meeting.
That might get most of it.
Of course one would have to post guards to see none of them got out.

Problem is, there are more self serving, dishonorable scum buckets waiting to step right into their places.

My father taught me the futility of political assignation when i was young with a “joke”. The older i got, the more i noticed his jokes had moral lessons in them.

Told me:
A country boy, not the brightest guy around, gets mad at a couple of guys, one named smith, and one named Jones.

He gets his 30-30 lever action rifle, walks to town intending to kill all the Smith and jones he could find.

As he walks into the edge of town, there is a huge building there, on the from is a sign in bold letters, SMITH AND JONES MANUFACTURING PLANT.

He shakes his head, turns around starts walking home.

Says disgustingly:
They are making the ass holes faster than I could kill then.

The answer to Americans problems, are Americans.

If they discover some honor, some morals, some balls, Americans can make this country a good place to live.

If they do not, them Nature will send what is needed to make adjustments, and take out the trash.

She always has all throughout history.

John Carleton

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