Dr Alma Arrendondo Lynch, Republican Candidate US Congress US Congressional District 23 at Alamo Rally-Youtube

Alamo Rally Today, defending Texas Heritage. Hairless Chihuahua San Antonio City Council, and Mayor Pendehoberg, after spending about a half a million dollars, taking down a confederate Memorial, which by the results of their own Taxpayer funded survey, 75% of San Antonians wanted left alone. Now they are back for the Memorial to the Texas […]

There are Roads Going North, and Roads Going South Out of Texas, and You Can Rent a Damn U Haul Almost Anywhere in Texas

At the Alamo today. Puta Mayor Pendehoberg and his band of hairless Chihuahua’s on city council, San Antonio, are out of control. Now they have help from the spawn of Puritan holier than thou carpet bagging, infamous family, the Bush’s, aided by the collaborating criminals in Austin, want to take down the memorial honoring the […]