Safe At Last!

I took down my Confederate flag (which you can’t buy on EBAY any more) and peeled the NRA sticker off my front window.

I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the candy-ass Neighborhood Watch.

I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard.

Then I purchased the black flag of ISIS (which you CAN Buy on EBAY) and ran it up the flag pole.

Now the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching my house 24/7.

I’ve NEVER felt safer and I’m saving $69.95 a month that ADT used to charge me.

Plus, I bought burkas for me to wear when I shop or travel.

Everyone moves out of the way, and security can’t pat me down.

If they say I’m a male wearing a burka, I just say I’m feeling like a woman today.

Safe at last!

God Bless this United State!

6 thoughts on “Safe At Last!

  1. John C Carleton says:

    He must be Scotch.


    DAMN SHAME, the sad state of affairs JUSA is in these days. I fly my Confederate flag high and proudly, I took down my JUSA flag to make room for it.

    • Lewie Paine says:

      Damn right. I would fly an isis flag before the yankee flag.

      • John C Carleton says:

        Yep! Going down to the Alamo at noon to fly a Texas flag at a rally. Seems the memorial to the men died at the Alamo is bothering the illegal yankees and mexicans in Texas.
        Damn collaborating hairless Chihuahua excuse for a State Government in Austin is giving BJ’s to both sets of scum.

        My feeling is, there are roads going North, and South out of Texas. If either scum find themselves offended by things Texan, they rent U Hauls on damn near ever area of Texas.
        That includes the “government”.

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