I Have Given in to Temptation

Walked into this little guitar shop where i go sometimes, used guitar caught my eye. Sigma, looked like a CF Martin. Turns out, CF Martin produced Guitars under that name in Korea. Laminated back and sides Mahogany, solid sauce top, loud with good sound.

I paid $225.00 for it. Guitar was produced in 1979, and the owner had kept it clean.

Now if that tailstock had Martin on it instead of Sigma, it would probably been about $800.00. I have never owned a Martin, labeled as such. Refuse to pay for the name. I have never denied my Scotch blood.

Be it guitars, cars, women, weapons, motorcycles, people often pay way too much based on name. Some one with Scotch blood, soon figures out, there are better made examples, in all fields, with lessor or unknown names, which can be had at a fraction of the price.

Course, wife says i can not have another women, Satisfied with the motorcycles, cars, weapons, dogs i have, so guitars are about the only weakness i have left.

Told the wife this morning, Know why a guitar is better than a women?

She gave me a dirty look.

Told her, you don’t care how many of these beauties i lovingly run my hands over, if i tried that with women, you would kill me.

She said at least i knew that.

When you mix hillbilly Irish and American Indian, well, life can be interesting.

I had a reputation, if i got tired of some girls bull, i would tell them, see you later, much later in most cases. Marriage did not interfere with that style. When we decided to get married, she told me, “If you ever try to leave me, i will kill you. We been together thirty two years.

John C Carleton

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