States and Cities saying “No” to the Feds-Abbyville Institute

First, Weather, climates cycle. Hot to cold, cold to hot. Deserts appear where there were lush forest, when the weather patterns change, and the rain goes somewhere else. All this takes generations to happen, the weather/climate is constantly changing, but slow.

That does not mean i approve of raping the earth for profit. That does not mean i approve of polluting. Humankind can make a damn pig sty of their environment, but Mother Nature is in charge, and the weather, the climate, will do what she says. All of humanity is not as powerful as she by her self.

But the people of the States and cities, are slowly starting to rediscover nullification.

People should be allowed to live as they want, without being forced by the ass holes in Washington DC to live in shitty cookie cutter States and cities. Forced to indoctrinate the young with the same zionist crap.

Good read.

John C Carleton

States and Cities Saying “No” to the Feds

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