Erdogan Tells US We Don’t Need You-Zero Hedge

Empires dying.

You will see more and more rats jumping off the sinking USS USA.
She’s down in the Stern, the bilge rats are running to the bow. The bilge rat Erdogan, is posed on the tip of the bow, he might stay a bit longer, if someone throws him some cheese, but he knows the ship od USA Empire, is going down, and he sees the Ship Russia steaming past, and he wants on a sound ship, so to get him to stay, will take a whole lot of very good cheese, and thats just until he can figure out how to get all the bribes and booty with him, over to the ship Russia.

If you had suggested to the citizens of Rome, the city, a few years before it was sacked, that it would be sacked, inhabitants slaughtered or enslaved, they would have laughed at you and called you a fool.
After the sacking, they were dead or slaves, so their final opinion of you and your warnings, would not have mattered anyway.

All Empires die.

It is the USA Empires time to die. Going to be messy.

And another one bites the dust!

John C Carleton

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