Alexander Hamilton, George Washington And the Crypto-Jewish Takeover of America-Henery Makow

a good read. A few facts here first.

I am against Zionist, mother was a Christian zionist, she was indoctrinated by her maternal grandfather, she tried to indoctrinate me. I know zionism, trying to lump all Jews in with zionist, is the same as trying to lump all Christians in with zionist.

George Washington, a cousin, did good as a warrior, not so good in Politics.
He trusted people he should not have trusted, like Hamilton.
He signed on with the “constitutional” movement, which was a document from the devil himself.
I used to cuss him for going with the Constitutional movement until I learned how he and his winter soldiers were treated by the American people and government.
George knew they had no honor, without honor freedom can not exist for long.
he hoped the Constitution would give Americans some freedom while they obtained honor, and could handle true freedom.

The vast majority of American people never attained honor, so there can be no true freedom in America.
It was a grand experiment which failed!

You want to celebrate a Washington’s sacrifice for America, there is Lt. Col. John Augustine Washington, murdered by the USA in West Virginia, 1861. He was murdered, fighting for freedom, against the evil of Washington DC.

Actually, Hamilton was a cousin also, as well as Aron Burr who finally shot his Usury banker ass.
If i had a portrait of Burr, i would hang it on my wall, he did a great service for America.

I piss on a coin with Hamilton on it every morning.
He has company getting pissed on.
Lincoln, FDR, Ike, John Quincy Adams, the pope, and a Mexican coin with Santa Anna on it.

I am a Texican after all.

I have brothers and sisters i do not associate with, because they swallowed the zionist pill.

John C Carleton