Why the Confederate Solder Will be Spoken of in Reverence, while the Yankee Scum Will be Compared To the Rape of Nanking

In future generations, when the true history of America is studied, the Confederate Soldier will be compared to, spoken of, in the same reverence as the Three Hundred, the Alamo.

History is much messed with, but the world over, people admire the under dog who proves to have big teeth.

In the late war of aggression, invasion, rape, theft, arson, genocide, murder, by the United States, 1861-1865, occupation, 1865 to present, the Confederate people, civilian and military, showed a determination to stand up to evil, which is seldom seen.

The thing about that war, on the Southern side, is this was the last time, a large part of the North American people, tried to stand up to the lies and evil of Washington.

Southerners take such pride in their Confederate Ancestors, because they had BALLs.
Above that, they had honor and morals.
Above that, they were totally righteous in their war to defend their countries and families.

The descendants of these Confederate Soldiers, can not say the same about the wars we fought in.
At best they end up being a dark shade of Gray. None of America’s business, and fought to make international corporations more powerful and filthy rich.

Just don’t give you that same fuzzy warm feeling killing some poor ass hole in his own country for Usury bankers, as putting one between the eyes of some zionist puritan yankee scum probably was involved in gang rape and murder of children and defenseless women the day before.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have between 30,000 and 40,000 members, should be more, but a small percentage of society are the ones do all the heavy lifting, every generation.

The Grand Old Army, the yankee version of people want to honor pedophiles, rapist, murders, war criminals, has about 7,000.

Now in that late war, the Yankee scum, outnumbered the Southern soldier two to one.

No one gives a shit about those war criminals, their descendants look feverishly for a Confederate relative somewhere, so they can join up with the righteous side.

All the lies, Washington, their “education” system, their Holly Wood whores movies full of lies, can not and will not remove from history, the story of the gallant Southern Soldier, standing against all odds, against the pure evil of the United States.

When i die, my wife knows to not allow a USA flag to be put on my coffin. Two flags are to be used, The Confederate Naval Jack, and the Texas, Republic of, flag.


John C Carleton

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