U.N. Imposes Global Ban for Ships Caught Carrying North Korean Contraband-gCaptain

First, if the US had not interfered after WW 2, the Koreans would have united with their own government.

They were not allowed to do this. US sent out death squads to hunt down and murder Koreans leading a Korean solidarity and independent Korean Government.

During the 1950s, USA, flattened every North Korean city, and murdered at least 20% OF THE NORTH KOREAN CIVILIAN POPULATION.

North Korea has seen, the USA invades, occupies and murders civilian populations of countries without weapons of mass destruction. That is why they have developed nuclear weapons. They are not stupid enough to nuke countries in their area, as they know the fall out would get them also.

The only reason NK, has nukes, is to keep USA from bombing the hell out of them again, invading, occupying NK.

Now, if NK, would just install a Rothschild Usury bank, and a zionist puppet government, all this would just go away.


John C Carleton

U.N. Imposes Global Ban for Ships Caught Carrying North Korean Contraband

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