Shit on a Shingle

Not real sure the name given to this culinary delight in foreign militaries, in the USA military Shit on a Shingle in the mess deck, means Uncle Sugar just fed you another meal that people on the outside would not pay for. Another words, he just showed you once again, he is just using and abusing you.

Nothing but the best for the troops, if they buy it themselves.

America, and Americans, under the occupation and direction of Washington DC, has become Shit on a Shingle.

Nothing but the best for Americans, as long as they still have a job, and a couple of credit cards to slowly go so far in debt trying to survive in a Shit on a Shingle economy, and a Shit on a Shingle inflationary currency, they will never be able to pay off the debt. This makes them debt slaves for the rest of their lives, probably be rules imposted by Washington DC soon, making children responsible for their dead parents debts.
Unless there is a repudiation of all debt, they will never be above water again. USA-USA-USA-USA!

Of course as my wife is tired of hearing me tell her, if about 95% of the Shit on a Shingle, me first, no honor American sheep went poof and disappeared, it would be a better world.

So America, under occupation of the USA, has become a Shit on a Shingle land, overfilled with a Shit on a Shingle people.

Mother Nature does not like Shit on a Shingle people.
Mother Nature tries to keep nature in balance.
Mother Nature will make adjustments.

And another one bites the dust!
And another one, and another one, another one bites the dust.

Always did have a crush on Mother Nature, always liked her style.

John C Carleton

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