Dog Days of Summer are at an End

The dog days of summer are at an end
Morning Chemtrials a sense of impending autumn seem to lend
The morning heat is only eighty eight
Cool of Hollowed days does seem a bit late
The wife will be a witch by popular demand
But the daughter puts her to shame whither in air, on sea or land
Grandchildren will be this and that
Grown Autistic son will be a Sheriff in a cowboy hat
Grandpa will be the Viking warrior poet priest
Rams skull on a seven foot staff leaves hypocrites shaken at least
They cross themselves and whisper behind my back
The horrors of the balls i have which they lack
Ahhh the anticipated Autumn Solstice time grows new
The time we love the most, the autumn goat BBQ
Dog friends and i had a meeting of the mind
Took the star shaped chemtrial as a sign to our kind
By Christmas time, the heavy metal fall out would cover the ground
Choking the air passages of the old and young without a sound
Dying plants with a chemical death
little small animals laboring for breath
We one and all agree
The bastards should be hung as an ornament from an autumn tree.

Council of five dogs, one cat, who thinks he’s a dog,
and myself.

John C Carleton

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