IRGC Commander: CAATSA Means Abrogation of N. Deal, U.S. Should Withdraw Bases to 2,000 km Away

Washington DC trying hard to start WW 3.

Washington is now going to swear in an “Alternative, or mirror, Venezuela government.

What damn business is it of ass holes in Washington DC, what the hell Iran, N.K, and Venezuela does?

Well, Iran and N.K. do not have Rothschild Usury banks so the labor of the people can be stolen, and Venezuela has said, being tired of Washington trying to overthrow their elected government, that they will not sell their oil for dollars anymore.

When Muammar Gaddafi stopped selling his oil for US dollars, Hillary Clinton had him raped with an knife before being murdered. His country is a shit hole now.

But hey, Washington stole his gold, and Libya now has a Rothschild bank.

And the US already overthrew the Iranian government in the fifties, installed a brutal puppet head of state. Iranians did not get control of their country back until late seventies.

Washington DC has been trying to overthrow their government again, from the late seventies, until today. Tomorrow, the USA will still be trying to overthrow the Iranians peoples will again.

John C Carleton

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