Culling The Herd

When one reads the bible, one sees a pattern of people going from being spiritual, moral, upright, to evil, decadence easy living comes, selfishness.

In the Bible, time and again, the god of the Hebrews, had to slap the people down on their butts, rub their faces in their own evil, have them made slaves by other peoples, sometimes for generations, before they repented and got back with the plan.

When one studies history, one sees the same pattern arise again and again, to different peoples, in different lands. A people will work hard, be a moral people, help each other, the sick, the elderly, the needy, the orphaned and the widow. As generations go by, and the people turn away from morality, helping each other, hard work. They become me first, honor-less ass holes who see just how much they can screw everyone around them over. There is not a lack of religion, the opposite is true. The religion, becomes corrupted, and most of the people pay it lip service, and go on about their self serving lives, until their world falls on them.

In Nature, one sees the same thing, without the religion of course.

Being a hill billy country boy, i grew up watching the plentiful and the lean years. Nature has a way of keeping things in balance.

During the plentiful years, any animal in the herd, can get sex, have offspring, plenty of food for everyone. Good years last long enough, those of lessor genes, lessor stamina, which would have never reached adulthood, in the leans years, make it to adulthood and pass on their inferior genes. The herd swells. The good years means everyone gets to have plenty to eat. Party time.

Then the lean years come, rains do no fall, streams slow to trickles, the food plants do not grow much, the food crops of nature, the roots, the nuts, the fruit, are slim to none.

Now there will be a massive die off.
The weaker, the less industrious, the less mentally sharp, will die.
The hard chargers, the ones who hustle, work for the food, fight to stay alive, will survive, while the inferior animals die off.

This is actually a good thing, as when the good years return, and the herd starts to grow again, it starts with good genes, strong specimens, above average intelligence.

Means there will be several generations of decent animals in the herd, before the weak, lazy, mentally slow, start building up again, as the food supply makes a come back.
When there has been several good years, the herd has built up a large population again, in which large numbers of inferior animals are dead weight, the lean years will return, to cull the herd.

Lean years are coming for America, not a moment to soon.
The American herd is a disgusting, useless, evil, mean, self-righteous bunch of ass holes.

And another one bites the dust!

Those who do not understand nature, consider nature cruel.
Those who understand nature, understand that Natures culling of the herd, is not only efficient, but desirable.

And another one bites the Dust!

John C Carleton

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