Taxi Driver Video, the Zapruder of the Las Vegas Shooting-Youtube

Now, any ole ass hole who went through a war, who is not a total idiot kept alive in the war, by better men, will be able to tell approximate distance, caliber, type weapon, process this In milli seconds.

By 5 seconds, the official narrative is proved bullshit, as one hears not M-16s, but 7.62 belt fed, crew served weapons firing.

If by chance they are using 5.56mm, or .223 caliber, don’t think so, but was not there myself, going on a recording, it sure as hell was belt fed with a hell of a lot lower rate of fire than an M-16. Been out of the game a while myself. Don’t know of a 5.56 belt fed low rate of fire machine gun, don’t mean it is not out there. But definitely belt fed, and more than one shooter and location.

Yes, Plural, weapons. One near the taxi, one farther away. Some have said this is echo. It is not. Go to about 50 sec., hear a erratic far burst of firing, not M-16.No echo.
At about 106 sec., hear 7.62 belt fed firing close to taxi again. Taxi had not moved at this point.

One to three, belt fed, 7.62×51 mm crew served machine guns, firing from different locations.

Uncle Sugars pedophilic ass is flapping in the hot air from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

If you still believe the official narrative after watching this, you believe Oswald shot JFK, Jack Ruby shot Oswald out of anger and sorrow at the death of JFK, James Ray shot Rev MLK, the tooth fairy brings money for old teeth, and the Easter bunny leaves chocolate eggs.

When a Pole cat has contacted the rabies virus, things will not end without a lot of stink. Seems the whores of Babylon have contacted both the rabies and zionist virus simultaneously.

John C Carleton

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