Russian Defense Ministry doubles down: US continues to fight along side ISIS in Eastern Syria-The Duran

World wide terrorism, brought to you by Washington DC, on the orders of Tel Aviv.


I watched in amazement, in Boston when the federal government did the false flag bombing there. USA law enFORCEment, violated every right out lined in the bill of rights, every natural right of the Boston sheep, and they lined up and chanted USA-USA-USA-USA.

I watched Antif, sent by Washington DC, against the people, to pressure for the removal of a Confederate statue, to stir up trouble.

The “Confederate” supporters, being so stupid, they did not understand Washington’s hand in making it all happen, the attacks on the memory of their ancestors, line up against Antif, and chant, USA-USA-USA-USA.
These stupid sheep, were cheering the hand which was stirring the pot against them.

There will be no mass awaking of the American head up ass sheep, until they are broke, starving, watching Washington bring out the military and chains against them.

Then at that, they might chant USA-USA-USA-USA, as the US military murders and kidnaps them.


John C Carleton

Russian Defense Ministry doubles down: ‘US continues to fight along side ISIS in eastern Syria’

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