USA Corporation,and their State Sub Corporations, Must be Banned from Buying or Possessing Fire Arms

Want gun legislation that saves millions of Innocent lives?

Me Too!

So you USA sheep who worship big Washington DC government, need to each call/write, your President, House of Representatives members, senators, local newspapers, television station.

Demand that all firearms owned by the USA and it’s sub corporations, be turned over to the taxpayers who’s labor paid for them.

There must be a law passed, which bans these corporations from buying firearms.
Any employ of these corporations, caught with a firearm, and their supervisor, must both go to prison.
Any employ of these corporations, which murders another, with a firearm, must have a fair trial, and a fair hanging.

Millions of innocents, have been murdered at the hands of USA employs with firearms.
Every single day, USA employs, murder more innocents with their firearms.

There has to be a stop to the murders by Washington DC.

In addition to banning the corporation from having firearms, aircraft carriers, bombers, fighter planes, transport planes used to supply terrorist, nuclear weapons, missiles, whit prosperous bombs, bunker buster bombs, submarines, sharp knives and sticks, should be a prohibited item for an employ of the corporation.

If the corporation violates the rules, then the upper level minions of the corporations, must stand speedy fair trials, and speedy fair sentences carried out.

Do it for the CHILDREN!
If it saves even ONE life, it is worth it.
Never mind, several million!

I am for common sense gun control.
The American individuals should control the guns, and the corporations should be subservient to the individuals.

Now, seems there needs to be legislation to protect the children from being raped and murdered by the USA/Washington DC political prostitutes.

Any Washington DC, or State sub corporation politician, caught within five thousand feet of a park, school, church, where children gather, must be given a fair trial, and a fair hanging.

Do it for the CHILDREN.

Common sense legislation!

John C Carleton

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