American Sheep are Like the Flickering Flame of a Black Mass Candle

They go in whatever direction the hot air emanating from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, is blowing.

The Babylonian harlots of DC, blow whoever pays them the most, or who has the worst blackmail on them.

So the feeble flame of the American sheep, always serves evil.

Sheep have always been sheep. Thats why they have to have shepherds and guard dogs.

Now if the Shepherd, leads the sheep in the path of righteousness, so to speak, the pastures will be a decent place to live, raise little sheep, graze.

If the shepherd is however, seeped in evil, serving evil, starting wars, murdering innocents, raping the little baby sheep, it is a factory farm where the sheep are fed un-natural food, used for cannon fodder/sex toys. Individual sheep are picked out constantly to sacrifice on the alter of the evil zionism.

I do not like factory farms where the sheep are continually abused or perverse pleasure and obscene profit.

I prefer the sheep graze on non GMO grass, in a peaceful meadow.

Being a sheep herder is no picnic. They are arrogant, dumb, stupid animals which worship ignorance. They are cowards, they will wander off into danger, a shepherd is continually having to redirect them. Sheep are so ungrateful that the shepherd tries to make their lot in life better.

Which brings us to Jesus in the garden, right before he was murdered by the jackals, with the help of the sheep.

He prayed three times, to be relieve of sheep herding duty.
He said, why do i have to keep being the shepherd for these stupid smelly sheep. They continually bleat their stupidity, and poop on my feet. Come on!

Alas, the sheep have always been with us, and always will be.

Just a shame i do not like mutton, it is so plentiful, and cheap.

Oh well, time to separate the sheep and goats.

The great sheep BBQ draws nigh.

John C Carleton

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