Self imposed Ignorance, Sheepliness and Cowardliness of the Soul.

It is known fact among control freaks and evil asses, if one indoctrinates from birth, children, with the big lie, by the time they reach adulthood, most will never question the narrative of their indoctrination.

Here and there, there is a kid says to self, this shit don’t pass the smell test. These types are usually made outcast of society.

Then there are those that because they really are searching for the truth despite the indoctrination, have events of life, truth, hit them square in the face, like a blown fish in a hurricane.

When this happens, a door stands there, all one has to do is open it. Some at this point, decide they don’t have the courage to really open that door, turn around, walk off, spend the rest of their life as a sheep, trying to drown out that little voice relegated to the back of their minds, keeps crying its all bull shit. They refuse to recognize or listen to that voice.

Those that go through the door, not all will survive the journey. Truth and honor are not for the weak of spirit, or the selfish.
It is a heavy burden to bare, made harder by the constant bleating of the slaughterhouse bound self delusional sheep.

There is one truth, one must face at some point, if one wishes to grow. Reincarnation is both a fact of life, and a fact of death.

The body each of us use, in this present life, is an animal, which each of us an alien to this earth, possess in order to attend the school on this planet.

No person can tell another person what they should do with their lives.
Each soul, comes with a different learning lesson programed just for them. The problems, heartaches, pain, suffering, struggling, addictions, they need to overcome or except, in order to grow as a being.

One can get with the program, learn the lessons, or fight growth and learning.That soul which refuses truth, will be back for another life, going through the same crap, more intensified this time, again and again, until they learn the lessons.

Suicide is a no-no, because you piss off a life, cause whatever made you do yourself in, you are not escaping it, it goes with you, and now you are going to have to go through the process, then be born again, more bullshit this time, until you grow a set of balls, get rid of stubbornness, self pride, get with the game plan.

These facts are hidden from mankind at this point, as organized religions, bending and twisting all the truths, create a story which will herd the sheep in the direction the bloodsuckers who which to control and rule, want the meek sheep going.

The truth is there for anyone to see. To see this truth however, one must own themselves. one must face the fact that you are the property of no one else, you own all your actions, good, bad or ugly. You and you alone are responsible for your actions. The Devil did not make you do it.

Organized religions, for the most part, teach if you give the priest enough money, any of your actions can be wiped clean. Them you are stripped of your responsibility for your own actions as someone else now took responsibility for that action.

Lets see how this works.

Wife, or man, cheats on their spouse. Comes out as it always will.
Spouse is devastated. Children are put through hell.
Cheater goes and ask forgiveness from “God”, for their sins, “God” forgives them. Now they bear no responsibility for their actions, and there should be no ramifications of their actions come home to haunt them, after all, they are forgiven.

Sometimes the Spouse says they forgive them, and they try to go on, but it is never the same. The betrayal, never really goes away, and the one cheated on, will, never again trust their spouse. The children will grow up either knowing outright the lie the world is shown, or with a feeling of something wrong in the home.

Each of us own all our actions.

Each of will either pay for, or be rewarded, (through growth), for each and every thing we still have not paid for from past lives, in this life, on the other side, or in their next life.

No transferring, farming out, running from your actions.

Thats why wasting a life is such a bad thing. our souls, are not sent here on vacation, but to struggle, learn and overcome.

That is why the sheep disgust me. They are pissing off life after life. This is bad enough, but those who have fought the good fight with themselves, grown, embraced truth, still lifetime after lifetime, have to put up with their ignorances and self pitying bleating.

The sheep are sheep, because they want to be sheep.

When the jackals come for them, then, they will then be forced to own their own actions.

Jackals can be a beneficial pest control being.

John C Carleton

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