Vietnam Shows How To Clean Up The Banking System: Ex-Banker Sentenced To Death For Fraud-Zero Hedge

When the Usury bankers in Iceland crashed the economy, Iceland threw the criminal bankers in jail, their economy started growing and recovering without the Usury bankers playing their games.

You will find in the story, the criminal banker type Viet Nam is going after, may be for political reasons.

Oh well, hanging a Usury criminal banker who is a bloodsucker thief, is a good thing anyway you look at it.

Until the current Empire dies in Washington DC, you will see no prosecution of big Usury bankers.

The “government” and such vampire crime cabals such as Goldman Sacs, Bank of America, Wall Street, Wells Fargo, Not Federal and no Reserve(s), are indistinguishable.

I have personally watched the live gold and silver charts for years. Washington is one with the Usury evil/theft.

Every single day, the exchange is open, one of the Usury criminal trading companies or banks, will dump massive amounts of paper “gold/silver” on the market, sometimes more than once a day. They will trade in paper, the amount of the whole years projected production world wide in both metals, in minuets.

This has the result of keeping the price for gold or silver, from reaching where it should be against the fiat USA borrowed currency.

This hides the true rate of inflation, which means the steady loss of purchasing power, every single day.

The big problem is, depending on which economic person you listen to, there is no gold or silver to full fill or deliver physical metal is they are called. It is estimated, there are 100-200 claims on every available ounce of gold or silver in inventory.

This is clear cut fraud, and it is planned and run, by the “elected and appointed officials of the USA Washington DC “government”.

This is the same in all Western Countries which are controlled by the same hand.

Two or three years back, Europe, a client of a large financial planer told how the man, had stored his physical gold in a bank vault, paid monthly fee to store it there. Saw the handwriting on the wall, decided to get his gold out of there. After charging him storage fees, they told him they could not give him his own gold, because of “terrorism”. They gave him paper currency.
This is theft, but the reason this happened, is his, like so many other peoples and even sovereigns gold supposed to be stored in US, is gone. All the gold they can beg borrow or steal, is being sold to China, India and Russia at suppressed prices, to keep the USA borrowed Usury currency alive, just another day, another week, another month.

The people of the Western world, will wake up one day, their paper currency will be good only for wiping ones behind, and starting fires.
Most persons, and “countries, will be broke, can not borrow, have no gold or silver with which to back their economies.

This is a criminal corporation stealing everything that is not nailed down. They are also prying up things that are nailed down so they can steal those also.

There is no stopping the collapse in the West. Rough times ahead,
Will separate the sheep from the goats.
A lot of sheep and goats will not make it.

Thanks Uncle Sugar and his thirty Shekel whores in DC and the collaborating State ‘Governments”.

“Government is not going to save you from this, they are the one operating the sheep slaughter house.

John C Carleton

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