Bringing Down Washington DC/USA Empire’s House of Cards

Read criticism of China, but especially Russia, because they do not bring down the military arm of the British Empire, the USA’s, house of cards.

First one must understand the concept of a “government” which at least still try to help and protect their countries people, if only so the ones on top have a good base of people to keep them on top.

Anyone living in a NATO or EU member country, will have no domestic experience with a “government like that.
Western criminal corporations masquerading as “governments”, don’t even give the people a reach around.

Russian and China’s governments, are trying to build up their manufacturing, agriculture, economic bases and standing in the world. To do that, you have to take care of the needs of the people at some level at least. They try to build business base, not sent it to other countries for a fast buck.

USA, is built on a house of cards.

Yes, either Russia or China, could bring it down any day they chose. This would not be in the best interest of their own countries and peoples. Remember, they are not there to right the wrongs in all the known world as the USA lies and claims to be their “God bestowed mission”.

If either China or Russia, using State funds, would purchases all the paper gold and silver, call for physical delivery of the gold and silver, the criminal scam Washington DC, UK,EU, NATO is running, would fall on it’s face. They would default in delivery. The whole of the West together, does not have enough physical gold and silver to cover the contracts. It is estimated by people a lot more involved in this, the big boys, there is between 100-200 paper claims on each Troy ounce of gold and silver available.

This is like musical chairs, but instead of one by one getting screwed, it will be a instant orgy in which millions of sheep will realize at once, that the paper gold and silver, held by their insurers, pension finds, (which are already massively underfunded), bank accounts, paper currency on hand, are all an illusion, they are broke, too damn old to start over, and the Washington DC crime cabal don’t give a flying Fk, because they are the ones planned and executed the grand swindle and sheep BBQ.

Once they default on the delivery of physical metals, the dance is over, the sheep will finally see that Uncle Sugars, saggy pedophilic ass is butt naked, and has always been.

That will be too late for the sheep. Mutton, will be cheap, and prostitution will be rampant. When an Empire dies, it is always so.

There is another method which China and Russia could bring down Washington DC’s house of criminal cards.

Both China and Russia holds lots of USA paper and bonds.

All either, or both together, have to do is to dump on the open market, all those bonds at once.
The price would plummet, and the only buyer would be the not Federal and no Reserve(s).

Both Russia and China, would incur huge financial losses.
It is not in their interest to do this to their financial reserves. Remember, neither government exist as a white Knight on a steed. Not their business to police the world.

Both Russia and China are quietly selling as much USA paper as they can, slowly so as not to tank the market. They take the USA fiat currency, and buy gold from the West, at suppressed prices.

Again, not their job to police the world or intercede in the internal affairs of countries which are trying to start war with them, the population of sheep in those countries are angrily calling for murder of little Chinese and Russian children, nuking their countries, sinking their fleets.

The thirty Shekel whores of DC, will bring their own house of cards down. May take another year or so, but it is coming.

Those who have bought the whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, direct them, The head bloodsuckers, will make trillions out of the death of American society. They planned it. They have stolen about all there is to steal, USA can not win a damn war anymore and has not been able to in along while, so their usefulness as the military arm is about kaput. All that is left is to pick the bones clean.

USA’s house of cards is coming down, nothing can stop it.

If one wants to know what lies in store for the American people, one simply needs to go back and read the factual stories, not propagandized Western CIA drivel, of the collapse of the USSR, and what the Russian and former USSR Republics, went through, to see what lays in store for America and Americans. Seven to ten real bad, lean years. I think it will be worse for America, as i fear the Russians had more balls to fight their way back to a productive country, than the ignorant , lazy, clueless, uneducated, indoctrinated Americans.
Life expectancy will drop, the real intelligent young, will immigrate where they have a future, there will be a brain drain, and USA is already a bunch of idiots with a few real intelligent people, USA can not afford to lose these intelligent types, but it will. Maybe, twenty years or so down the road, when America has recovered a bit, some will come home, many will not.

The few thousand awake, can not save the sheep from the slaughter. When people tried to for years, the sheep angrily bleated at the truth tellers, and pooped on the truth tellers feet.

Like i tell a friend of mine who he and i have talked about for years whats coming.

Get the beverage of your choice, pull up a chair. You have a front row seat to one hell of a show.
If we do not survive, then that means we do not have to deal with the evil collaborating ignorant self righteous, war mongering sheep.

Always a silver lining in every thunder cloud.

Watching the sheep get zapped with the lightning, is going to be one hell of a show.

“Another one bites the dust, and another one , and another one, another one bites the dust, oh yeah” Queen.

John C Carleton

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