What could go wrong? (For Public Pensions, More Than You Know)-Zerohedge

This is only one of the huge economic storms coming. Most Americans do not have a clue.

Know of cops, military men, who understand that being a cop today, being in the USA military today, is not a good thing. They have however, worked a long way towards that retirement carrot, and can not give it up. They are gritting their teeth, continuing to work for the criminal corporations, because they want that good retirement and medical they were promised when they signed on.

It will not be there.

It will not be there for private company employs either.

USA, is way past broke, the evil DC Dogs, and their masters, have stolen everything there is to steal, told every lie several times.

Reality is coming.
Mother Nature getting ready to bitch slap America and American’s, and they deserve it.

Any of you out there planning on spending the rest of your life living comfortably on a pension, need to take a look at the ten years in Russia after the USSR went poof.

John C Carleton


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