The Dogs of DC

Dogs are some of the most loved creatures to humans. The relationship goes back thousands of years.

One can find stories where dogs have run into burning houses, bringing out babies, dogs attack much larger animals in defense of their human friends and family, dogs which defend their human friends and family against evil men.

Dogs watch our homes, and tell us when someone is trying to sneak up on you. Dogs, keep other animals, away from their home which they share with their human friends.

And a dog has a huge capacity for love, and returns much more than is given.

A good dog is worth much more to the world, than a sorry human.

Like humans though, not all dogs are good, loving and helpful.

You have dogs, when given a home, just want to eat, crap, sleep, and sometimes will turn on the one trying to help, and provide for them.

Know people like that.

There are dogs which although given a home, will run away and live life on the streets, because that is what they prefer.

Know people like that.

Some dogs, are just mean and evil.

Know people like that.

Some dogs are cowardly. Mean enough when something is smaller than them, but they would not dare face an equal to themselves.

Know people like that.

Sometimes, a couple of the real bad, mean dogs, gather together a bunch of the mean, cowardly dogs, and they form a pack.

Know people like that.

A pack now, with some big bad evil dogs, to give the pack courage and encouragement, is a danger to children, grown adult humans, other dogs, cats, and any other living thing they can find, as the pack mentality is to steal and kill. A pack of dogs running loose, is a danger to all around them.

I know people like that.
Washington DC and the fifty State “governments”, are full of them.

When there is a pack of dogs, which has gone to the dark side, cowards and bad ass dogs alike, the pack must be taken care of.

If one identifies the leaders of the pack, take them out, the pack will scatter. Soon or late however, they will find a couple more bad ass dogs and reform the pack, start their terrorism of innocents all over again.

The entire pack needs to be taken care of when one finds this situation.

Yes, in time, another pack will start to form. If one watches for this to happens, takes out the bad ass dogs and the few that gathered in the early stages, one avoids a reign of terror by vicious bullies.

I know dogs i would put my life on the line for before i would, for most of the sorry excuses for humans in todays world.

Whether humans or dogs, those who live in peaceful co-benifitial habitation, deserve to live in peace, without packs of self serving opportunistic, sadistic dogs shitting on their lawn, trying to kill, bite, tear up the living areas, of the peaceful coexisting beings.

Now the peace loving coexisting beings, have a right to defend themselves, and their living spaces, from packs of evil mutts.

Those who will not let the peaceful live in peace, will find the time comes, when the peaceful people get out their shotguns and hunt the worthless mutts down, in self defense.

In the Western world today, the peaceful, are taught, that the dog pack, has a right to kill your dog, you, steal anything they want from you and yours. You are taught, that if you defend yourself against these evil mutts, ganged together to prey on society, that YOU are EVIL!

If you defend yourself against the pack, the pack will gather and try to take you out, punish you.

This is a problem, as the pack is running Washington DC and all Fifty State houses.

When society gets tired enough of the pack, they will hunt it down.


Anyone who calls themselves a dog’s master, does not understand love and mutual support.
If you have a friend, are you that persons master, just because they put up with you?

Today, in USA, EU, UK, the people and domesticated dogs, just advert their eyes and hope the pack picks someone else for lunch on any given day.

After the organic material hits the fan, this will change. Even some of the pack dogs, will see that it is better to have honor, than power. Better to know and speak the truth, than to have stolen all the bones from all the other dogs. It is better to help, than to hurt.

I hope i live to see the majority of the dogs working together for the benefit of all, giving a helping hand when needed, standing up for the weaker dogs against those evil dogs.

Cats now, no one understands cats, they are in it for themselves, no one else. Any affection you think they are showing, is so they can get you to do what they want.

Cats kill things just to kill. They will torture, play with a victim out of their desire to inflict suffering and pain.
Many times after torturing some poor victim for hours until they die, the cat will walk away. They were not even hungry. Just love to kill and inflict suffering.

Will address the leaders of zionism in another article.

John C Carleton

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