The Fake Hebrews “serving” a Fake “God”

Evil is evil, no matter who is doing it to whom.

If you are looking for the good side in WW 2, that was the countries which stayed out of that Usury Bankers War.

First, even if the members of the crime cable, occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people, were the descendants of the mythical Hebrews, which they are not, you don’t get to leave an area, come back two thousand years later, rape, rob and murder those who stayed and cared for the land, living on the face of it.

There are things, coming to light, in the melting Antartica, which will prove within the next two years or so, that the Old Testament, is made up bull shit, cobbled together out of lies and myths/history borrowed from other culture.

Both the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, have made trips to Antartica to see for themselves. They are going to have to try to figure out how to keep the sheep hooked on the fairy tail, when the proof comes out.

Expect many “Christians”, to say, ok, the old Testament is crap, but the New Testament is TRUE! Ignoring evidence that the New Testament is as much a fairy tail as the old. Ignorance and cowardliness die hard in true believers.

There was found, several years back in Jordon, lead tablets, which have been authenticated as having been made about 100 AD.
The lead, was produced back before all the atomic test. Lead produced in the 20th, 21st centuries will have things in the metal, that these lead tablets do not.They are the earliest recorded history of Jesus.

Yes, there was a Jesus.

He was from the upper classes, and he was trying to get the Hebrew people, to return to the God of their fathers, which the Hebrews were worshiping at the times of Kings David and Solomon.

This god was a female, who could become male, for reproduction purposes. The religion, was it seems, a nature observance, rather than the Babylonian adulterated Judaic religion practiced by the Judaic church today.

You see, Jesus wanted the Hebrews to stop being evil, return to treating people like you want them to treat you, helping the needy, working on improving yourself.

The Hebrews, did not return to the religion and god of their fathers. Instead, they killed Jesus as he was upsetting them in their debotury.

A bit after this, the Romans put an end to the Hebrews as a people.

So you have a British Empire outpost, formed by British and American Zionist Christians, using a fairy tail, to try to justify their invasion, occupation and holocusting of the Palestinian people.

Enough of this evil. Enough lies, enough fake “history”. Enough indoctrinating children with lies so they will willingly do the evil of the elites jerking their strings.

One day, adjustments will have to be made.

That which is, is pissed. Most humanity on the planet right now, are complicit in the evil of Israhell, by saying nothing, doing nothing, even cheering on the crimes of these psychopaths.

I will add i see less and less difference, between the evil people of Israhell, and the Evil people of the USA.

Evil is evil.

Humanity needs to make a decision. Will they serve evil, or will they fight evil?

John C Carleton

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