Emanuel Kidega Samson: The Black Church Shooter-Occidental Dissent

Have an older brother who does not watch TV news, hears some news on radio, does not have internet.

From time to time, if his wife tells him about a news story she saw on TV, or something he heard on the radio he wants to know more about, he calls me, because he knows i probably already know more about it than will be allowed on the news, or i can find the story and fill him in.

He called me on this shooting, his wife had had the TV on and he saw a black man shot up a church. Story said they were looking for a motive. The TV news did not even mention that all the people he shot, were white, and that he was a transplant from another country, one of those “refugees” they keep trying to force on Americans.

The bastards took down the Confederate statue in my town, using the excuse of the white boy shooting some blacks at church, as that was a “hate crime”.

OK, this is a hate crime and i want Statues to Grant, Sherman, Lincoln, and every other damn gang raping, thieving, stealing, war criminal USA bastard from that illegal invasion of the Southern people, not only taken down, but melted down.

I want the flag, under which he was forced on American, banned, as it represents hate crimes by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Really i do not give a crap about their statues to their baby raping war criminals.

Just pointing out the hypocrisy and the sold out whores in Washington DC and the MSM.

John C Carleton

Emanuel Kidega Samson: The Black Church Shooter

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