The Animal brotherhood and Brother Skunk

Father told me this story in my youth, Used to make one think.

The animals of the forest, decided that in order to be better able to care for their area, help those in need, band together to get large projects done. Monthly meetings were set up.

First month, as the animals are discussing matters, Brother fox sees Brother Skunk approaching and draws the other animals attention to his approach.
Brother bear made a motion to adjourn.
Second by brother Coon, and the animals scattered on an unanimous aye to adjourn.

Next months meeting is under way when Brother ringtail sees Brother Skunk approaching, calls the other animals attention to Brother Skunks approach.
Brother Badger makes a motion to adjourn.
Brother wolf seconds the motion.
After a hurried ayes vote, all the animals scatter.

Next month, Brother Skunk, smelling something rotten on the wind, with woodcraft, snuck up on the meeting. He popped in the door before anyone could say or do anything.

All the Animals froze.

Brother Skunk took the floor. He paced up and down with his tail in the air.

Turning he addressed the other animals.

Have i ever harmed anyone of you here?
Have i ever wronged any of you?
Have i caused any of you harm that i am not aware of?

Brother Squirrel said, no you have not.

Brother Skunk said, first month when i tried to attend, you adjourned before i even got in the door. Figured that could happen.

Second month, same thing. Not thats no accident. If i have harmed no one here, why am i being discriminated against?

Brother Buzzard said, well Brother Skunk, it is not what you have done, it is what you might do if you get angry that we fear.

When a country or people have a history of spraying their stink on all others around them, all others, have a right to stay the hell away from them.

John C Carleton

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