ADA Untroubled by Yet Another Study Pointing To Fluoride’s negative Health Impacts–The Last American Vagabond

The sold out zionist whores of Washington DC, wants poison in your water, poison in the air.

USA/Washington DC has forced many communities to dump waste by products in their water supply.
This saves the Aluminum and the chemical federalize industries, from having to pay big bucks to dispose of this labeled by the FDA as a hazardous waste.
Hell, Taxpayers pay these companies to drink their hazardous waste.

Now, USA/Washington DC, is spraying Fly Ash, a by product of burning massive amounts of coal in electrical generating plants.
Industry used to spend big bucks disposing, storing the stuff. It has many heavy metals in it. It is a hazardous waste by product.
these industries do not have to pay to dispose of this hazardous material any longer. Washington DC sprays it as chemtrials, on your children, gardens, crops,homes, water supplies.

Chemtrial causes respiratory distress for people with COPD, and Asthma.


John C Carleton

ADA Untroubled By Yet Another Study Pointing To Fluoride’s Negative Health Impacts

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