Very Dangerous escalation in Syria-The Duran

Said before, the ability of the American sheep to stick their head up their ass, way up their ass is amazing.

Southern people are mostly sheep now. Even most the ones fighting the desecration of their ancestors memories with lies, are unable to see the USA/Washington DC lies and evil, before 1860, or after 1865. Some of the more die hard among them see the lies out to 1876 when the evil of “reconstruction), officially ended, (the occupation never did).

The are blind as a salamander which lives in total darkness in an underground stream millions of generations, until they no longer even have eyes. Hey, if you refuse to see the light, what do you need eyes for.

Saw one of the Confederate “fighters” on Facebook, had posted a photo of a US special forces guy free falling in the sky, with his weapons. Caption, In a country far away—- a little kid is praying for an angel—-ETA, 2 minutes.

Neve mind that when he gets there, is is going to rape the children and murder their parents, in a land the USA is invading without moral or legal justification.

You simply can not overcome such stupidity, ignorance and indoctrination. Truth runs off them like water off a ducks back. They get angry if you try to show them the truth.

Land may be radioactive, but the land will be here for future generations. Those generations may be cockroaches or monkeys swinging through the trees, but the land will remain.

The American people do not deserve to survive.
The evil that the American sheep do and support, is an affront to the light and Nature.

When things get to this point, that which is has a plan. Those found lacking, will be recycled, or educated.

Those who just WILL NOT SEE, will go down for the count.
Those who will see, but not until Mother Nature, at the behest of the Light, bitch slaps the crap out of them, need to get ready.
Even waking up when the alligators are already nibbling on your ass, does not guarantee survival, just waking up, seeing what a fool they have been, before they get recycled, most of them anyway. The ones who wake, and want to survive in this life, with their new understanding, some will make it if they fight hard enough.

Not going to be pretty or easy.

John C Carleton

Very dangerous escalation in Syria

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