Then i Was Your Savior, Now i Am Your Judge

Father told me a true story of Early America.

Young lawyer, is traveling on a steam boat on the Mississippi River.
He sees a young boy of about six or seven fishing on the bank.
Suddenly the bank gives way under the boy, he falls into the water, is drowning.

Young lawyer flings off his coat, dives into the river, swims to the boy, and brings him out alive.

Years later, the young lawyer was an old gray haired judge.

A man was brought before him on the charge of murder.

The man looked at him and said, I know you, you are the lawyer who saved my life when i was downing in the Mississippi!

The old judge hung his head. Said them i was your savior, now i am your judge.

Many of you truth tellers, because you care, because you understand whats coming, have tried to warn the sheep. Many have spent life times trying to warn the sheep. Telling them what is coming, what to do to avoid it, what to do if it happens.

They made fun of you, grew angry with you, stopped associating with you, because your truth upset their illusion.
Then, you tried to be their savior.

The time of one of the great gathering of the souls draws near.

Now, when having made fun of you, as the grass hopper did the ant, and partied on while you saved, invested in your ability to keep alive in the times to come, worked you ass off, the lean years come, these same degenerate cowards/fools, will be at your door demanding you feed them or they will break down your door, murder you and take all you have.

I recommend #4 buckshot. There is a dandy buckshot and disk combination for the .410s. Twenty gauge, again #4 will do most close up work.

Now a pro, will have one with buck, one with rifled slugs, and one with alternating slugs and buck.

Now, you are their judge, jury and executioner.

John C Carleton

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