Sliding Down Mt. Everest on the Greased Hood of the Inoperable American Coup De Ville

Forty, fifty years back, if enough Americans had balls, intelligence, understanding, Americans could have stood up in mass, told Washington DC, if you do not stop your evil shit, we are going to have trials, hang your sorry asses for your crimes. Americans could have stopped the evil one sees emanating from Washington DC. The bastards could not have murdered millions of American at once, in modern times, and gotten away with it.

Now it is too late to stop the wreak and sinking of the USS USA.

It is too late to stop the run away train that is going to smash into the side of the mountain at that 90% turn at the bottom of the seven mile downhill grade. The brakes are out, the throttle is in full speed ahead, the engineer and the crew, are busy raping the children on the train, robbing the passengers. The crew are the scum of the land, drunk with the blood of innocents and perceived power.

To tell the truth, if most Americans went poof, and disappeared, it would be a better world.

Let me say i could say the same thing about a whole lot of countries, but i am a Texan, which is being occupied by the USA, in North America, so i direct my attention to the Washington Branch of the British Empire, and the sorry excuse for humans Americans have become.

If you are a sheep, aiding the evil of Washington, when you die, the world will be a better place.

If you are an American, which fights the evil, speaks out against the evil, and you want to continue to try to help the earth, do your duty, time to say to hell with the sheep, and worry about you and yours.

I can not, you can not, at this late date, with the ball-lessness and hypocritical evil of Americans, stop whats coming.

It is coming because there are rules/ laws, far above the level of humans. Humanity, has violated everyone of these laws of nature repeatably.

That which is, is pissed.

That which is, has gotten out it’s broom, shovel and rake. All the trash, all the non productive beings, all the fallow areas, all the ego, deceit, false pride, and plans of the evil and elites”, will be put on the bonfire of spring cleaning.

I have no sympathy left for the sheep.

I am led to understand, having beseeched that which is, for understanding, wisdom and knowledge, even if you or i love someone, a parent, child, spouse, sibling, one repeatably stops, or tries to stop, the destructive behavior of that person, one is stopping them from learning a lesson which they were sent to this earth in this lifeforms, to learn. Sometimes that lesson includes death.

I had some members of my family, that i tried to protect from their own stupidity, stubbornness, ego.

When i reached the point of understanding that each human has a lesson plan here on earth, if i interfere with that plan, i am keeping that person from learning their lessons, informed these people, which i love, that they were on their own, they owned their own lesson and mistakes, i was no longer going to try to catch them each time they purposely fell down from their arrogance, stubbornness to change and growth, they started growing. Baby steps to be sure, but we all do baby steps when we are trying to learn to traverse the walk of life.

America is going down, because the people are unworthy of the land, and they have shaken their fist in the face of the Laws of Nature.

Might as well try to stop that Coup De Ville hood, greased with the fat of innocent children, from rushing down Mt. Everest, and slamming into the rocks at the foot of the mountain.

So! Those who wish to survive whats coming, need to stop worrying about the sheep, look to what you will need, spiritually, physically, mentally to survive.

If you are trying to fight the evil, bring truth to people determined not to hear it, you will have noticed that Coup De Ville hood, loaded with drunken ass holes, bungholing each other, fly by on its one way, downward journey, as you are struggling to reach the peak of Mt. Everest, from which the truth can be seen.

If you try to throw your body in front of that Coup De Ville hood, try to rescue the doomed revilers of evil, debotury, they will cuss you for the bump which you cause them in their illusions of grander, and you will never reach the peak.

Fk the sheep.

“If God did not want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep” THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Let the dance begin.

Tired of having to hear the incessant bleating of stupid, cowardly sheep.


One thought on “Sliding Down Mt. Everest on the Greased Hood of the Inoperable American Coup De Ville

  1. You can call me Al says:

    Christ, you sound like a mate of mine, living I Houston; you could be identical twins (regards your thought process). His wife is worse and makes you look like an angel.

    I shall send them a link to your site + add a line or two on a recommendation.

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