Let’s Do this!

The reason i started this blog, was to try to keep from coming what i am now satisfied is coming and can not be stopped.

Oh it could be stoped if most Americans were educated, (not schooled), understood the truth, but above all else, possessed honor.

But most Americans are not educated, (did not say they were not schooled), and would not recognize the truth, or honor if it reared up and bit them on the ass.

I am now satisfied that the thousands of Americans who have been trying to get the rest of America to find honor, truth, education, collectively, can not stop the collapse of the crime cabal that is Washington DC.

The evil of Washington DC keeps trying to murder all in the world who object to being zionist slaves.

Russia keeps trying to keep an all out war from happening, and the evil that is Washington DC keeps undermining any and all peace efforts, everywhere on the earth.

Tired of this shit.

Lets do this, get it over with, get er done!

The humans left alive will wise up, and they can start rebuilding the world that the USA wanted to totally destroy.

John C Carleton

2 thoughts on “Let’s Do this!


    Don’t give up John. You do a great service trying to educate. …as do a lot of us. I know I get damned tired of feeling like I waste my air and time trying to educate those around me only to get snubbed by even family and some friends. But we can’t give up yet even though the deck is stacked against us.

    • John C Carleton says:

      Not giving up, will continue to fight evil and push the truth. Just understand that it is too late to stop the train wreak. Everyone is going to have to go through real hard/bad times, because the sheep refuse to embrace the truth.

      Through out history, when a people became perverted, ignorant, honor less, there have always been those around in the mix, who say, repent of your evil for the sake of your children. Usually, the people do not face reality or truth, until it is too late to stop that people going down. It is the hardship of slavery and death which brings the survivors back to reality and truth with honor.

      Thats where things set, rough water ahead, no going back, no porting around the white water.

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