Dogs are more valuable to the world than Christian Zionist

Christian Zionist preachers, will tell people an animal has no soul, it is but a beast of burden and food provided by the ONE GOD, (theirs), to be used anyway beneficial to the human race.

This way, when factory farms, make animals stand in their own waste, feed them crap, put antibiotics in their feed to keep them from dying in un-natural and un-healthy surroundings, so Usury Bankers, who own the international corporations, can make obscene profits, there is no wrong.

This way, when they pack chickens together where they can not sit down, they never see the sunlight or touch the ground, there is no wrong, after all they are just soul-less animals.

Animals have souls, just like the human animal has a soul.

Not sure about the zionist animal. Perhaps they had one before they sacrificed it on the alter of Zionism.

The Christian Zionist, believe that the Eastern Europeans occupying and Holocusting the Palestinian people, can do anything they want and it is blessed by their GOD, which they believe to be the same God as theirs. He can make no mistakes or do wrong because he is the ONE TRUE GOD!

The Eastern Europeans practicing the Babylonian adulterated judaic religion, belief they were chosen by the “ONE TRUE GOD” to be the slave masters of all the rest of the world. (They are evil and mentally ill.) Thus, the Eastern Europeans believe that the Zionist Christians are their favorite bitches, (and they are), and they can do any damn thing they want to them such as raping their babies, murdering their children and women, blowing up their country, (September 11, 2001), use they children for cannon fodder, rape and steal the wealth of their land.

Now the zionist christians believe that the Babylonians can do anything they want.

The Babylonian Judaics, believe that Zionist christians are cattle to them, as cattle they do not possess a soul, so a Babylonian Judaic can do anything they want to soul-less cattle, with no sin done.

World would be a better place if both bunches joining hands, (or do a train, thats more their style), and march into the sea.

Dogs on the other hand, are faithful companions and loving friends. Some dogs will and have given their lives protecting their human family, friends.

Course dogs just like people, have ones who’s soul is evil and dark, likes killing just to kill, tries to bully everything around them, ass holes, useless, a problem for society.

Course you can just take them out behind the woodshed with a pump shotgun and put an end to their terrorist tactics and meanness.

Christian Zionist and their Judaic Babylonian masters have made laws saying you can not do that to Zionist, either verity.

Just as they make laws that say they will throw you in prison if you show the truth against their lies about World War Two.

I would gladly send the crime cabal occupying Palestine and Holocusting the Palestinian people, all the Christian Zionist in America in Exchange for all the stray dogs in Palestine.

Be a hell of a deal for America.

John C Carleton

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