Venezuela decries Trump’s UN Speech-Press TV

First one must realize that the USA has been trying to overthrow Venezuela’s government for years.

You see, the government of Venezuela is using Venezuela’s wealth, for the people of Venezuela, instead of sending the wealth to zionist Usury Bankers and criminal international corporations, which are owned by Usury Bankers.

Trump said at his UN speech, that the collapse of Venezuela’s government, (which the USA is causing), would not be allowed to happen.

You see, Venezuela got pissed at the USA trying to take over their country, using illegal economic sanctions, and stopped selling their oil for US dollars.

When Libya did that, USA invaded, bombed, overthrew the government, raped the head of State with a knife and murdered him.

Now! A question for Trump.

Why the hell are you standing by as America goes down the tubes because of Washington DC’s evil and corruption?

Maybe Trump should get the forrest out of his eye, before bitching that Venezuela has a speck of saw dust in their eye.

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