Get Off Your Ass and DO Your Job!

Have admitted here and there, to being a preachers kid, and the perceived black sheep of the family by some of my zionist siblings.

Wear that badge proudly. as did my mothers parents. My mothers zionism, was not their teaching.

Have admitted to studying theology, both in conversations with my father, and at University.

If you want to get right down to it, can legally preform marriage ceremonies, and burials, and i do from time to time for special people.

In my youth, i could preach some hell fire and brimstone sermons.

In my old age, i have no use for hell fire and brimstone. Just scare tactics used to herd the sheep.

As a result of searching for the truth, after coming back from a war with open eyes, having seen needless death and destruction, instigated by the government i had sworn to protect with my life, i got on my knees and begged the light, for knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Never ask for something you do not really want, you might get it.

I did want it.
It is a heavy burden to understand the world as it really is, the real evil which is loose on humanity. But i had to know, and have no regrets for asking. Would do it all over.

It was not like a light switch, sudden illumination. Rather, a slow school.
If all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding hit you at once, it would blow your fuses, throw your breakers, and leave you drooling on your frontside, for a long time.

It was more like, articles were sent my way. Persons, physically and electronically entered my life who brought those things to me, or directed me to the place where they could be found. Whole lot of self soul searching and meditation.

Now, when i go back over some of the stories of the bible, which i used to give lessons on, i see them in a different way.

Some examples.

Jesus in the garden prayed to the father three time that the crucifixion could pass him by.
Now you might think he was trying to hold on to his physical life, avoid the pain.

Hell NO!

He was saying, Damn, come on, do i have to be a damn sheep herder again? I don’t like them! they are stupid, evil, self centered, moral-less ass holes! Come on, why me again?
GOOD! Send in the wolves!
Why must i protect the ungrateful sons of bitches!

When John the Baptist, said he was only the voice of one crying in the wilderness, it is taken to mean as a sign of humbleness, submission to the greater prestige of Jesus.

Bull shit!

He was saying. I am tired of trying to give knowledge and wisdom to, warn, these stupid head up ass sheep who ridicule me for trying to save their ass from the wrath to come. No matter what i say, they stick their fingers in their ears and voice meaningless words and bleating to drown out the sounds of my warnings.
To hell with these stupid self destructive sheep! I want to lose my head on a platter for these scum?
Hell No!

Now where i was heading.

Sometimes, those who fight against the present evil in our world, the ones who speak out the truth, take ridicule, and even misplaced sympathy from people who think you mean well, but they are don’t want to pull their heads out of their butts sheep.

Soldiers against the evil, soldiers fighting daily battles to bring the truth to unappreciative asses who hate the truth, sometimes get discouraged.

Friend and i were discussing evil. The need for evil in this world for spiritual growth. If there is no evil, there can be no good.
If there is not evil, there is nothing to overcome, nothing which gauges the good or bad of acts and lives.
We agreed, five six lives from now, we would probably be having the same conversation.

With all the sheep throwing sheep poop at the truth tellers, the top shelve evil of USA/Israhell/NATO/Vatican/British Empire making sure that the truth tellers are kept down, given as little voice as possible, the lack of evidence of the sheep growing a set, standing up against the evil, the truth tellers sometimes ask themselves, if they should not just say to hell with the stupid sheep and go fishing, or BBQ a goat, throw a party.

Now way back in the Old Testament of the King James Bible, there is a story of a prophet.

One has to realize what a prophet is.
A prophet is not some all knowing, all seeing soul.
A prophet is a messenger, thats all.

Now, there was a king and queen in old Israel, Ahab and Jezebel.
When ever i think of them, i see Bill and Hillary’s faces. Not convinced, Bill and Hill are not these two reincarnated.
Ahab was a good ol boy, no better than he had to be, but jezebel was a real evil bitch and the real evil behind the pair, just like Bill and Hill.

The prophet Elijah had caused to be killed a bunch of prophets of Jezebels heathen religion, and she got pissed. She sent word that she was going to return the favor.

He ran and hid. Ended up in a cave, by himself, whining that he was the only true prophet left and now they wanted to kill him.

God asked him, why are you here feeling sorry for yourself.
He replied that he had done his duty, he had delivered Gods message, he had done as instructed, and now he was the last one and they wanted to kill him.

God told him. Get off your ass and do your job. there are thousands who have not worshiped the evil, thousands who fight the fight against evil. Stop whining and go do your damn job!

As tiring as it is, to keep bringing truth to the sheep, only to have them spit the truth back in your face, and poop on your feet, if that is your duty, just do your duty. As alone as you might feel at times, the Universe never put the fate of the world in the hands of one man or women. Thousands more out there, just like you, plugging away every day, trying to save the sheep from their own actions.

Probably why i no longer eat mutton. Give me a good piece of BBQ goat any day.

Just continue on, throw the truth in their faces, shove it up their asses, slap them across the face with the truth.

You do your job, you will not have to drop your eyes in shame when you enter the presents of your ancestors.

If the devil wants to have a BBQ in hell, he will have no problem finding mutton, it is plentiful there. Should be no problem getting a fire going either.

Never thought of hell like that, it is just a huge sheep BBQ, with a few jackals, snakes, weasels, pole cats and baboons thrown in for those who like exotic or undomesticated BBQ.

In other words, you do not have to convince the sheep, only tell them, warn them. You do not even have to like the sheep to do your duty. And you do not have to feel sorry for them.

Personally after a lifetime of warning the asses, taking shit for warning them, when the organic material hits the fan, i plan on sitting on my front porch with a pump shotgun to keep the sheep off my front lawn, picking my guitar and singing, ‘Another one bites the dust’, as i watch them kill each other and starve to death.

One is only accountable for ones own actions. You warn them, you will not be held accountable for their end, their failure as a human.

John C Carleton

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