A US-China Trade War will End US Financial Monopoly-Jim Rogers-Covert Geopolitics

USA is going down, nothing can stop it.

The zionist whores in DC have stolen the wealth, the labor of the American people and land so they could live like perverted kings, and to wage war against the world.

You can only bleed an animal, so much until it does not have enough life blood to sustain life.

The evil that is Washington DC can not regulate their lust for innocent blood, treasure and power.

They have killed the economy of America.

The financial world of theAmerican people, is a dead man walking, just has not fallen down yet.

When it does, USA is kaput.

Wonder how many sheep have laid a little grass up to get through the lean years?

Mutton will be cheap and easy to find.

Damn shame i prefer goat.

John C Carleton

A US-China Trade War will End US Financial Monopoly | Jim Rogers