The world needs to implement a Naval Blockade against the USA

The world, the rest of the earth, need to implement a naval blockade against the USA.

No US Naval ships allowed beyond the claimed coast territories of the American States which Washington DC/USA, is illegally occupying.

Any merchant ship, passing in or out of that zone to be inspected to make sure that the USA is not slipping contraband and military items out or in on foreign flagged ships.

No US military ship, or aircraft resupplied anywhere in the world except the USA, unless it is to allow the ship or plane to return to Washington DC. Give them just enough food and fuel to make it back to Washington DC. If after being given enough supplies to get home, they try some funny stuff, when they run out of fuel and food this time, let them float around the ocean until rust eats through the hull and sinks. But on the bright side, the fish get some artificial reefs.

No USA Military plane refueled anywhere in the world, except to get back to Washington DC. If they do not go back, no more fuel, seize the planes for storage fees in which ever country they are stranded.

No USA plane, military or commercial flies in or out of the USA without having the cargo inspected by the country in which the aircraft is departing or landing.

No food, fuel, electricity to be provided to any foreign USA military base or out post. Let them starve, freeze or return to the USA.

American has been made a shit hole by Washington DC/USA, as they robbed the land and the people, using the proceeds of their theft to try to build a one world zionist operated slave plantation.
Time Americans took America back from the Empire, rebuild the country, kick out all who do not want to assimilate into North American Culture.

There has to be Trials, examples have to be made of the Washington DC elites. Pedophiles, bribe takers, Usury bankers, whore sold out politicians, war criminals, murderers, thieves, heads of corrupt international Corporations, Collaborating governors, all the evil that is Washington, must be given fair trials and fair hangings.

Examples have to be made, very public examples have to be made with the evil that is Washington, so the young whores think better than trying to ply their trade against the American people.

Or just go ahead, drop your fruit of the looms, bend over, spread the cheeks of your ass.

Who knows, the bastards might even give you a reach around, but i would not count on it.

John C Carleton