Preaching to the Choir.

Old term used to describe a preacher, giving a hells fire and brimstone sermon, the choir behind him is all amens, but the sinners out in the pews, are paying no attention.

In other words, he is doing the best he can, to convey the message of the sermon, the ones already in agreement with the preacher, agree, and everyone else could care less and are too busy thinking up more sins they can do as soon as church is over.

I get the feeling that all who are trying to awake the masses to the evil and slavery represented by the control freak evilness of zionism, are preaching to the choir.

Those who are awake, agree, and those who have their heads up their asses, are not listening.

I believe that it will take the coming economic melt down, accompanied by natural disasters, earth changes, to get the sheep to pull their cowardly heads out of their zionist indoctrinated butts.

Something about death all around, hunger, desperation, destruction which tends to wake the masses out of their zionist induced hypnosis, make the survivors get real.

Not saying stop trying. I will not stop trying or shut up about the truth, but just look at the situation as it is. Been said many ways.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink, about covers it.

Put another way, you can shine the light of truth on a cowardly sheep, but it just frightens and pisses them off

You can drag a zionist indoctrinated stupid dumb ass to the truth, he will fight you every step of the way, close his eyes, plug his ears, and shove his head back up his ass first chance he gets, to hide from the truth.

Only when the sheep are more frightened of dying, starving, being cold, wet and hungry, will the cowardly sheep pull their evil enabling heads out of their cowardly zionist indoctrinated asses.

Until then, i guess those of us trying to shine the light of truth on the evil of zionism, better damn well appreciate the choir.

Heres hoping that the main shit hits the big fan soon, i am not getting any younger or more patient.

John C Carleton

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