Immigration as a Weapon Against a Countries Culture

All the “immigrants” one sees moving all around the globe, are for the most part, refugees from the wars and economic polices of zionism, seeking to build a world wide empire where all of humanity are slaves to the top “elites”.

To the top shelf evil, the world is a chess board, and humanity, their play pieces.

People are moved around, wars started, genocides done, holocaust done, for the amusement, theft of wealth from the poor, and the control freak sickness of the top shelf pedophile elite.

One must remember that control freak is a severe mental illness. These mentally ill “elites”, are murdering millions in international war crimes, so they can try to control the earth and all that lives above, on and under the surface of the earth.

Most of the evil you see in the world today is because of a handful of degenerate, inbred ass holes, who are nuts.

The same pieces of “elite” shit, which bombed the hell out of middle Eastern countries, to take control of the people as slaves, install a Rothschild Usury Bank, steal all natural resources, so they can control more wealth, to add to the already massive stolen wealth that they will not live long enough to spend, even if they live to be 100 years old, are shipping an inbred, (because of their religion), bunch of child and women raping stone aged criminals to European countries to cause turmoil, and to kill the culture of the European countries and people.

In North America, the Mexican people, as well as ones from further south in America, have been lured to the States by the Federal crime cabal in Washington DC, forcing the states to steal from the people of the states, and give it to ungrateful, stone aged ass holes who sit on their ass when they are not committing rapes, murderers and home invasions.

The USA, has blown their countries up, used economic sanctions to topple popular governments, steal natural resources, and now the USA is using the economic refugees from these countries to destroy the culture of the North American states and people.

I know how they feel, the United States of America, did that to my country one hundred and fifty six years ago. They have occupied my country for one hundred and fifty two years. They are now trying to totally destroy what they did not destroy the first time,

None of this mass movement of peoples around the globe, and the resulting shit fest in countries forced to take stone aged religious fanatics, or just plain trash people, is an accident.

Anyone , any country not already a slave to zionism, is under a sustained and central planned attack.

Seems like to me, these countries, peoples need to unite against a common enemy, kill the shit out of them, then reinstall peace in the world.

Either that, or just go ahead and drop your fruit of the looms, spread the cheeks of your ass, and don’t complain about the searing pain in your backside.

John C Carleton

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