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The political whores at San Antonio City Hall, at an estimated cost of a Half million dollars, removed from a city park, a memorial to Confederate Soldiers, which had stood there from 1899 until the other night. The whores of council and the cowardly mayor, spent taxpayer money running a survey which said 75% of San Antonio wanted it left alone, and the city hall agitators to shut the F up.

So they took it down while San Antonio Streets have pot holes, side walks where children have to get in the street because tree roots have pushed a slab up at ridiculous angles, took years to do it.

Bet the bitches and sons of bitches at San Antonio City Hall will be wanting to pass the tax hat in the form of bonds in the next election because they do not have enough money left over after taking down statues, grafting taxpayer funds to friends companies to get kickbacks, to operate the city.

See, if the bastards had not made satisfaction, trial before god on the field of honor illegal, this would not be a problem.

John C Carleton

The Brave Samaritan

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